When Negligence Leads to Injury

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When Negligence Leads to Injury

You may be familiar with the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you. It’s a principle worth remembering. Unfortunately, some in our society are too busy, thoughtless, angry or mean – and often negligent – to adhere to the Golden Rule.

Countless Americans suffer serious injuries each year when others drive recklessly, cut procedural corners that result in dangerous products, operate machinery while abusing alcohol or drugs, leave dangerous animals unguarded, fail to keep their property safe from hazards, ignore workplace safety rules, and much more.

What should you do if you’ve suffered injuries due to others’ negligence?

You should genuinely consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Injuries often keep people away from their jobs, even as their expenses (medical and hospital bills, and for some, car repair bills) are spiraling out of control. When the at-fault party fails to take action to compensate you, a personal injury attorney can provide the objective advice that you need.

What is negligence?

It’s the failure to take proper care when performing an action. While state laws differ, in almost all instances, injured victims must prove the at-fault party’s negligence before victims can be compensated.

What is the standard that must be met in court to prove negligence?

Juries can be instructed to look at the facts, testimonies and evidence in deciding whether the following elements were satisfied:

  1. Duty. Did the defendant (e.g., a reckless driver) have a duty to operate his/her vehicle in a safe manner?
  2. Breach of Duty. Did the defendant fail to exercise reasonable caution or care in fulfilling this duty?
  3. Cause in Fact. Were the defendant’s actions the actual cause of the plaintiff’s injuries?
  4. Proximate Cause. Should the defendant have known or foreseen the consequences of their negligent actions?
  5. Damages. Did the defendant’s actions result in actual damages (injuries, expenses, pain and suffering, etc.) to a person to whom the defendant owed a duty of care?

How can a personal injury attorney help you?

  • His/her knowledge of the law, experience in court and familiarity with local judges and attorneys can often lead to positive results.
  • They can fight your battles in court while you heal.
  • They can represent you and your interests during meetings with the defendant and their attorneys.
  • They are adept at negotiating, interviewing witnesses and compiling the evidence needed to prove the guilty party’s negligence.

Have you been the victim of others’ negligence? There are many options to consider, as an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer from a firm such as Cohen & Cohen Attorneys, can explain.