Understanding How Insurance Claims Work in Uber Accidents

June 3, 2020 | Uncategorized | By Personal Injury Legal Directory | 0 Comments

Uber and other ridesharing apps have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are convenient for saving money on transportation, being eco-friendly by carpooling and getting you home safely after a late night out. As much as you may want to trust the capabilities of the driver, accidents can still happen, and you may be left confused on who to seek compensation from. Uber’s insurance policies can be unclear and determined by specific situations. Here’s how they break down and affect you.


Just as in any other car accident, proving liability is key in gaining compensation from the other driver’s insurance. It does not matter if they are a taxi cab driver, an Uber driver or a private individual. You must have evidence that they were responsible for causing the accident, therefore entitling you to compensation from their insurance company. You will also need to prove that the injuries and damages you are claiming were actually caused by the accident. Being unable to do so will make it significantly more difficult to receive rightful compensation.

An Uber Driver Who Is Not on the Job

When an Uber driver is driving without the app on, they do not fall under Uber’s large insurance policy. Instead, you must make the claim with the driver’s personal insurance.

An Uber Driver With No Passenger

In some cases, you may get in an accident with an Uber driver who is working, meaning they have the app on and may be going to pick someone up. If they do not have a passenger in the car at the time of the crash, however, you likely can’t make a claim with Uber’s insurance company. You still have to go with the driver’s own insurance. Just note that some state laws require Uber to cover drivers as long as they are active on the app, so this may apply to you.

An Uber Driver With a Passenger

Uber’s $1 million policy kicks in for working drivers with passengers in the car. The passenger and all drivers involved in the accident can be covered under this plan. This plan also covers drivers who are uninsured.

If you are uncertain about where your claim falls under Uber’s convoluted insurance policy, call a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm, to discuss it with them. They can help determine if Uber should be held responsible for your damages and injuries, and how to best proceed in receiving proper compensation.