Personal Injury Claims for Accidental Shootings

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Due to the number of firearms available in the Unites States, accidental shootings are more common than you might think. When you’ve been accidentally shot by someone, this means you can file a personal injury claim because your injury is the result of their negligence. Shooting accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, and it’s important to know how you can hold someone liable for their actions. Here are the basics of tackling a personal injury case involving an accidental shooting.

Common Reasons for Accidental Shootings 

Injuries from a shooting can come from the most harmless actions. People can get shot by simply handing a gun to another person. Careless behavior, such as drinking or using drugs, while handling a gun can result in unintentional injuries. Accidents can also happen at the gun range, during hunting or while cleaning it. Children who get their hands on a firearm in the house can accidentally injure themselves as well. All of these have the potential to become personal injury claims.


Who can be held liable for a shooting accident depends on the situation and who is handling the gun. The gun owner takes on a lot of responsibility when purchasing a firearm. They must ensure the gun is stored safely and away from children, and they can take on responsibility for injuries that result from its firing. Aside from a private gun owner, a property owner or a manufacture can also be held liable (if the gun causes injuries due to a defect).

Proof of Negligence

To have a good shot at gaining compensation for a shooting injury, you must be able to prove that the other person was at fault for the accident. If you can prove that the gun owner or company was acting carelessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs while handling the weapon, you’ll have a better shot at getting compensated.

If you are injured by a firearm, call the police to report it and get the insurance information of the other person involved. Seek medical attention immediately if you are seriously hurt. If you don’t think you are gravely injured, you should still see a doctor shortly after the accident so that your injury can be linked to the shooting. If you aren’t sure who is responsible or if you have a legitimate claim, contact a lawyer who specializes in accidental shooting cases. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, like the Ward & Ward Law Firm. Their expertise and knowledge will only give you an advantage when arguing your claim.