Is My Injury or Illness Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

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In most situations when someone is injured or becomes ill while on the job, he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation. While this is the case for some situations, it isn’t the case for all. It’s important you speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer, your company’s HR department representative or the insurance provider to learn whether or not your injury or illness qualifies. The following are a few common injuries or illnesses that could be covered.

Repetitive Strain or Stress Injuries

These are quite common and can put someone in a lot of pain. Some typical jobs that often result in RSIs are typing or clicking the computer mouse, sewing or other similar production work, and assembly line or warehouse work. This means people in a wide range of employment positions can end up with RSIs. Graphic designers, seamstresses, medical coders and more could end up with tendonitis, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow and other similar RSIs.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Some people are under the impression they can’t be compensated if their injury already existed. While that could be the case for some pre-existing injuries, there are many that still qualify for workers’ compensation.

For example, if someone is suffering from shoulder pain that resulted from a prior car accident, and that individual has to lift heavy boxes to place them on high shelves, all that heavy lifting could result in more serious pain and injury. A medical doctor will have to determine how much additional medical assistance the aggravated injury will require in order for workers’ compensation to make up that difference.

Occupational Illnesses

These are illnesses or diseases that an employee develops after a certain amount of exposure on the job. There is a wide range of illnesses that could be included in this such as asbestosis, which is the result of asbestos exposure; AIDS, which could be the result of a healthcare provider being stuck with an infected needle; and black lung disease, which is the result of being exposed to coal dust.

If you plan to file a workers’ compensation claim for an occupational illness, you’ll need strong evidence that points directly to your work environment as the cause of your illness or disease. An attorney can help you collect that evidence from your medical provider and other professionals.

Contacting an Attorney for More Information

Of course there are other injuries and illnesses that could qualify for workers’ compensation as well. If you are looking for more information regarding qualification, or if you need direction on where to turn to file a claim, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Milwaukee, WI today.

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