I was just involved in an Uber accident. What should I do?

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If you have recently been involved in an Uber accident, the following are some general steps to take. In the event you were incapacitated, and are reading this in the hospital or at home recovering, please call an Uber accident lawyer, like an Uber accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, to find out how to proceed. 

Steps to Take After an Uber Accident

No two Uber accidents are exactly alike. The following is a general overview of the steps you should take, if possible. 

  1. Make sure everyone is okay. Immediately after the accident — and as long as you are able to do so — make sure everyone involved is okay. You should remain in the car if you’re in the middle of a busy road and only exit the car when it is safe. Emergency services should be called; this is true regardless of how minor the injuries might appear. 
  1. Document the accident. Even if you are unsure about filing a claim, do your best to document the accident. If you are the driver of the Uber, screenshot the app as quickly as possible. This will likely help your Uber accident lawyer. Any party involved should also take photos of the scene, cars, surroundings, injuries, and anything else that may be relevant.
  1. Collect information. Similar to the procedures of a car accident, take time to collect the insurance, contact information, and license plate number from the drivers. If there were witnesses, you should kindly ask them for their information. If police have not arrived at the scene, call them and ask them to file a police report. Your insurance company and the Uber accident lawyer will likely need this. 
  1. Get medical treatment. Regardless of how minor your injuries might be, you should get medical treatment right away. This will act as the foundation for your claim. If you do not get treatment, your Uber accident lawyer could find it more difficult to prove the extent of your injuries. Furthermore, it is possible for, what seem like minor injuries, to be something more serious. Internal bleeding or a traumatic brain injury are often silent injuries that may not be obvious right off the bat. 
  1. Call an Uber accident lawyer. If you have been involved in a rideshare accident, it may be in your best interest to consult an Uber accident lawyer. You will have the option to discuss your case and explore what legal remedies may be available. Uber accident claims are slightly different than car accident claims; therefore, pursuing one without an experienced rideshare lawyer is not recommended. 

Admitting Fault

If you believe the accident was your fault in any way, you should not admit this because it could be used against you. Simply remain silent and let the insurance company investigate the accident. At the same time, you should not lie to the insurance company, as this could be taken as insurance fraud. The best thing to do is stay silent and call an Uber accident lawyer. 

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