How to Handle Speeding Tickets Outside of the County Where You Live

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Most drivers are familiar with the speeding ticket process. You get a ticket, you go to the clerk’s office, and you pay the fine unless you want to challenge the ticket. Challenging the ticket involves going to court. While all of this is common knowledge, what happens when you receive a ticket outside of your county?

While, statistically speaking, people are more likely to be ticketed close to home, most drivers do travel outside of their home counties frequently. If you are ticketed in a different county, how is the process different?

Paying the Fine

As with any other speeding ticket or moving violation, you will need to pay or challenge the fine. However, you cannot do this in the county you reside. You must travel to the county where the infraction occurred. Once there, the process is the same as anywhere else. You go to the clerk’s office and pay any costs associated with the ticket. Although, if you are challenging the ticket, then you must appear in the traffic court with the appropriate county jurisdiction.

Court Appearance

Unfortunately, there is no getting around the location. If you are ticketed in another county, then you must return to the county to handle the violation. Although, appearing in court is not also necessary, even when choosing to fight the charge.

If you are choosing to fight the moving violation, then you can hire a traffic ticket attorney. These legal professionals will appear in court on your behalf to fight the ticket, which means you may be able to avoid traveling back to the county altogether.

The Necessity of an Attorney

While avoiding the driving time might be tempting, not every ticket is worth the expense. If the ticket cost is minimal and it will not result in points on your license, then you may be better served by paying the fine and avoiding attorney fees. However, if the ticket will result in points and a substantial fee, then an attorney could be the best option.

Significant moving violations can lead to increased insurance costs, as these rates are associated with your driving record. Making sure your record stays clean is the best way to keep costs down, and maybe the best reason to fight a traffic ticket.

Traffic violations range in severity, but the payment process is the same. However, sometimes these tickets are worth fighting, especially if they are outside of your county or may affect your insurance premiums. Contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney, like a Criminal Defense Attorney in DC,  to discuss your options.

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