How To Handle an Accident While Pregnant

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Any time you experience any type of blow to your abdomen while pregnant, you should visit your doctor, regardless of how far along you are in the pregnancy. While the womb does provide some protection, you need to be sure everything is OK before moving on. The same holds true for being in a car accident while pregnant.

Call 911

Even if you and the others involved in the accident haven’t sustained serious injuries, you should call 911. You need a paramedic to conduct an initial exam at the scene just in case there’s immediate action that needs to occur. In many cases, pregnant women are transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital for a more involved examination. Keep in mind your baby isn’t your only concern. If you are hurt or injured in any way, those injuries also need to be looked at. A mom takes the best care of her baby when she takes care of herself as well.

Contact Your Obstetrician

After your initial exam in the emergency room, you should contact your obstetrician to make the doctor aware of your accident. Many times, your personal doctor will also want to conduct an examination, and it may be more in-depth than the first exam you received. Obstetricians know what to look for concerning placental abruption, hemorrhage, premature delivery and other issues specifically relating to the pregnancy. Your doctor might want to monitor you for a while right after the accident, and you might also be required to make regular visits back to the obstetrician’s office for more testing and monitoring in the coming weeks and months.

Take Extra Precautions

In the time after your accident, you should take extra precautions in your everyday life. You might have to slow down on the workout routine you did every day before the accident. You might need to take some time off work. You should also look for leaking fluid and vaginal bleeding, and should pay attention to any pain in your abdomen. Make sure you feel your baby move as regularly as before the accident, and if there are any changes, contact your obstetrician immediately.

Contact a Lawyer

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of warnings and extra precautions, and when you’re in an accident, it can make an expecting mom nervous. After your accident, you deserve legal representation from a car accident lawyer in Frederick, MD, like from Peeples Law Group, with experience. Contact a car accident lawyer today for help in seeking compensation after your accident.