How can I hold my ex accountable for making their child support payments?

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If your former spouse is not adhering to the court-ordered child support terms, you have legal options available to you. Regardless of the reason for why they are not upholding their end of the agreement, your children may suffer as a result. Attorneys focus on the area of family law, and child support lawyers from a legal team may be able to obtain the funds owed to you by your ex-partner or ex-spouse. A law firm has experience in protecting the rights of children and their parents to receive the financial support awarded to them by the Court. Discuss your case with a family lawyer, like from Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols, who will meet with you for an initial consultation. Afterward, you may have a clearer picture of your legal options for recovering the money owed to you and your child.

What is the purpose of child support payments?

Terms for child support are common when divorces are finalized in the court system. In most cases, the parent who maintains primary custody of the child is awarded child support from the other parent in order to ensure the child’s financial needs are met. Child support is intended to maintain the child’s standard of living similar to how it was when the parents were living together and sharing expenses. After a divorce, if the parent who is ordered by a judge to pay child support neglects to keep up with their payment schedule, they are in violation of the court. In effect, they are breaking the law. Without sufficient child support, the child may be affected in a number of ways:

·         There may not be sufficient funds to pay for their medical care.

·         Their level of education may be affected. For example, there may not be enough money to pay for school supplies.

·         Their quality of life may be affected in that they do not receive adequate or nutritious food, their clothing may be insufficient or worn beyond repair because there are not enough funds to replace them.

·         Their ability to enjoy extracurricular activities may be impossible without funds.

How can a child support lawyer help me?

If the other child’s parent is behind in their support payments, and they refuse to make adequate arrangements with you, you may be forced to hire a child support lawyer. If you feel you have run out of viable alternatives, hiring a lawyer may be your best option for protecting your child. A child support lawyer understands the sensitivity of these matters, and the frustration that comes along with experiencing financial duress through no fault of your own. When you work with a lawyer, you can expect the following:

·         A firm and working knowledge of the family court system, the judges and others who will influence the outcome of any given case. This informs our child support lawyer’s legal strategy to offer the best chance at a positive resolution.

·         Representation in court. Whenever possible, your child support lawyer will represent you in court so that you do not have to take time off from work.

Contact a law firm without delay to learn more about how a child support lawyer can help you and your child.