Finding the Right Child Support Lawyer

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Finding the Right Child Support Lawyer

It can be said that there are very few things that will get a parent as protective or passionate as their child. This means that many child support, and custody, matters become contentious, emotionally charged, and drawn out. After all, most parents want what is best for their child, and when they believe this won’t happen, it can be easy to understand why an argument might ensue. In a case like this, you might know you need a child support lawyer, and you likely want the best one for your situation, right?

How You Can Find the Right Child Support Lawyer?


In a family law matter, the most important part of the case will be the wellbeing of the children. For this reason, it is essential that a superior child support lawyer is found – especially if your ex has already retained a lawyer. Before you choose a lawyer who might be better suited to another type of legal matter, you should do research to ensure your interests will be kept in mind. 

Once you find a child support lawyer to consider, you should diligently research the firm and the lawyers. Read reviews to find out what others are saying, and take a look at the website. Is there a lot of useful information? You might also inquire, through court records, about prior cases that the child support lawyer has worked on.

When you look for the right child support lawyer, consider beginning with:

  • A local search for a child support lawyer who is licensed to practice in your area and is familiar with the most recent laws. 
  • A family lawyer who is knowledgeable about the rules of your local family courthouse.

Read the Reviews

There are a few different review sites that will help you to get to know the lawyer you are considering through other people’s opinions and experiences. Google Reviews and Avvo are popular legal review sites. 

Look for a Law Firm You Can Trust

Finding a firm that focuses on family law will be a step in the right direction. Even then, you want to ensure you are comfortable with the team at the firm. You should be able to trust them in knowing that you are in good hands. Rest assured, we are confident in our services and want you to know you can trust us. 

When you schedule a consultation with our child support lawyers, we will review your case and help you to understand your options. We might also ask that you bring important information with you, such as:

  • Medical records of the child
  • Arrest records of your ex
  • Child custody orders
  • Child support orders
  • Acknowledgment of paternity
  • Birth certificates
  • School records
  • Any other relevant information