Do You Need Help With Criminal Charges?

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Do You Need Help With Criminal Charges? 

When facing criminal charges, this could mean that you are feeling frightened, nervous, and anxious. One wrong statement and your life could be on a completely different trajectory and it could mean that you cannot get the dream job you want, the house you love, or live a free life. Given the chance, you will want to make sure you are as prepared as possible for any criminal charges you are facing, especially if you need to go to court. Understandably, you likely have many questions when it comes to criminal defense and what kinds of steps you need to take. 

Is being arrested as bad as it seems on TV? 

This will depend on many different things, including what your charges are or whether you resist getting arrested. The way it usually goes when someone gets arrested is the police officers will bring them down to the local police station and book them. This is where the police will want to gather any necessary information, such as whether you have a criminal record, where you have lived, and any other significant personal information. This will help them fill out your picture while putting evidence together. 

I want to defend myself. Should I tell the police my side of the story? 

We understand that you may think the best thing to do is explain what happened or why you are innocent. However, an attorney, like an criminal lawyer from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C. knows that the minute you say anything, the police may only want to use this against you whether you did or did not commit the crime. Remember, the U.S. Constitution protects your right to remain silent and you do not have to speak with any police officer once they have arrested you. The best thing you could do is to ask for an attorney and wait until they get there.   

Can I get out on bail? 

It’s possible that you can set bail. This ensures that you can get out of jail without running off. Speak with an attorney to see if this is a possibility. 

Do people represent themselves in criminal cases? 

Some do but they have a lower chance of being successful when it comes to a judge declaring their innocence. Criminal defense attorneys went through years of school to defend people charged with crimes and finding a local criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between being convicted or going free.