Deadlines and Time Limits Associated with Workers’ Compensation

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Were you injured in a workplace accident? Are you struggling to get back to work and looking for a way to financially compensate? The good news is you may be entitled to workers’ compensation coverage. While each state differs, the following are some general deadlines and time limits you should know about.

Reporting the Injury

It’s your responsibility to report your injury to your employer, even if you feel they already know about it. Many states give a specific deadline such as between 10 and 90 days from the incident, while other states indicate you should report it as soon as possible. Some states do prefer the notice to be written, while others accept a verbal report.

Filing the Claim

You should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to understand when to file a claim, though in many states you can file right away. There is a time limit for filing, with many states allowing between one and three years following discovery. Some states may have a shorter limit, and others may have a longer limit, so be sure you understand. Exceptions for these time limits include the injured person being in a coma, having prolonged treatment or being quarantined.

Filing After a Closed Claim

If you have a previous claim that has been closed, but you have begun to notice effects of your injury again, there is a limit of time in which you can file to have the case reopened. Some states give three to five years. Some are shorter and others are longer.

Submitting Bills to Your Employer

Your treating physician should understand you are being treated for injuries covered under workers’ compensation. This is so your physician can bill the employer or the employer’s insurance company directly. There are some deadlines associated with submitting bills to your employer, so doing it this way could speed up the process and make it easier all around.

Special Circumstances

There are a couple special circumstances that would extend the deadline to file for workers’ compensation. For example, occupational diseases such as asbestos exposure that turned toxic to the individual may allow for a longer period of time. The reason is because you may know you’re sick for years without finding any answers as to why. Once you determine it’s from asbestos exposure related to your job, the typical time limit to file a claim may have already passed.

Contacting Your Attorney for Help

Workers’ compensation can be easily navigated with the help of an attorney. If you were injured at work, contact your workers compensation lawyer in Wytheville, Virginia right away for help in working your way through the system.

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