Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

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Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

While no one likes to think about truck accidents or incidents of any kind, they unfortunately can and do happen from time to time. There are numerous reasons why these accidents occur varying from weather related reasons to poor maintenance to fault of drivers. Tractor trailer trucks are very big and when they get in accidents they can cause significant damage. This is why it is imperative that you take extra precaution when you are driving around large trucks, tractor trailers or other types of trucks. Keeping it in mind that trucks can cause more damage to you than typical cars can help to prevent accidents.

Common Reasons 

Truck drivers have a rigorous schedule that sees them driving along major corridors around the country. They pass through multiple states and log many hours. While truck drivers are without a doubt part of the backbone of American society, they like everybody else are prone to errors. The more time someone drives the better the chance they are to have an accident. Truck drivers due to long hours may be exhausted, distracted or trying to finish a shipment as soon as possible. Always keep these things in mind while you are driving.

How to Prevent

It’s very important if you are driving in a regular car to take the maximum precautions when driving around large trucks. When they get in accidents they have a much higher probability of causing significant damage to you or your car. Make sure to leave adequate space between you and the truck if you are following behind. Make sure that there is enough time and space to successfully pass a truck too when at high speeds on an interstate. 

Legal Counsel can be of Assistance

Bodily injuries, total loss of vehicle and other problems can arise from an accident with a truck. When the truck driver is found to be at fault, you could be able to secure compensation depending on the severity of the accident and possible injuries. Legal counsel can be of assistance if you have questions regarding a claim and case. Sometimes the rulings for accidents at fault in Texas can be a bit tricky to maneuver. If you would like to find a truck accident lawyer, then consider contacting a firm like John K. Zaid & Associates, who can be of assistance to you.