Common Injuries From Personal Injury Accidents

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Personal Injury Lawyer

The injuries from a personal injury accident can be devastating, no matter what kind of accident that you have been in. They can cause victims to miss a lot of time off work, forcing them into tough financial situations and leaving them in an unstable position. It can take a long time to recover from accident injuries, and the costs can be steep. As you can learn about from a skilled personal injury lawyer like one at Presser Law, there are a range of injuries you may be able to recover compensation for. They will review the damages and calculate what amount that you should be able to receive. 

Internal bleeding

A personal injury accident often seen in victims is internal bleeding. This is common in more severe accidents, like falls from a great height, car accidents, and workplace accidents. Bleeding can happen when an organ is punctured or suffers blunt force trauma, such as the brain, liver, lungs or kidneys. These injuries must be treated immediately through surgery. Paying for treatment for internal bleeding can be costly. If internal bleeding is not treated right away, the consequences can be fatal.


Extensive trauma to the body like the spinal cord can result in paralysis. A personal injury accident victim can suffer temporary or permanent paralysis. When a person becomes paralyzed, they lose function in their affected limbs, such as in the upper or lower half of the body. Even if paralysis is temporary, it can have a severe effect on a person’s health and it can change their life forever. They may not be able to resume work in the same capacity, do specific tasks, or navigate the world normally. 


A sprain is common from incidents like slip and falls, workplace accidents, or repetitive motion. A person can suffer a sprain from doing a lot of physical work such as lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects. Over time, it can cause wear and tear on the body. Sprains should be treated right away. The recovery time for a sprain can range from weeks or months. 

Broken Bones 

Another type of injury that personal injury accident victims suffer are broken bones. This is typical in construction accidents, pedestrian accidents, car accidents. Victims suffer blunt force trauma that causes their bones to break, such as their arms or legs. The pain can be excruciating and it takes a long time to heal. 


Bruises are common mild injuries that personal injury accidents suffer. However, bruises can be extensive. They can result in discoloration throughout the affected area. More severe bruises are red, purple or black in color. They can be sensitive to the touch, limiting mobility and range of motion. 

Injuries from personal injury accidents not only are painful, but the expenses to treat them can be high. You should be able to recover compensatory damages if you have suffered injuries from an accident. To learn more, request a consultation with an experienced lawyer so that you can get assistance for your personal injury claim.