3 Common Car Crash Injuries

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Truck Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, the pain you feel may go away after a few days, or it may linger for a lifetime. As a truck accident lawyer in Houston, TX from a firm like John K. Zaid and Associates can explain, the injuries you suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence may require long-term treatment and care.

There are common injuries that occur due to a vehicle collision, and the degree of the damage to the body is directly related to the severity of the crash. Read on to find out more about three of the most common injuries that affect those involved in car (and truck) accidents.

1. Whiplash

Rear-end collisions occur when the driver behind you does not stop soon enough. The jolt to the car causes the body to whip forward and then back. This is called whiplash, and it’s one of the most common injuries in a rear-end crash. 

Whiplash affects the neck and shoulders. It is the result of microtears in the muscles of the neck. The damage to the neck depends on the force of the crash and the depth of the tears. While a doctor may not see evidence of whiplash, the associated pain is enough for a diagnosis. Whiplash lasts anywhere from a few days to weeks and beyond. Immobilization of the neck, muscle relaxers and even physical therapy can help.

2. Brain Injury

A brain injury is something that can permanently alter your life. One of the scariest parts of a brain injury caused by a car accident is you may not realize anything is wrong – not at first, at least. A concussion may be a more obvious trauma to the head, as it involves a hit or impact on the skull. However, many do not realize that a brain injury can result from the force of a crash which causes the head to bounce around. The brain slides inside the skull as a result of this movement of the head. When it does, it can hit the skull and become bruised and even bleed. A bleed that is not stopped in time may leave you with permanent damage. 

3. Back Injuries

The back has some of the largest muscles in the body. However, these muscles may get damaged by the impact of a vehicle crash. Muscle tears in the back may result in a lifetime of pain and discomfort since it is almost impossible to rest and rehabilitate this area of the body for the length of time required. The most serious back injury involves the spinal cord. If the fibers of the cord become damaged, paralysis is likely.

If you suffer any injury after a crash, a car accident lawyer can advocate for your needs. Call someone near you today to get your claim moving in the right direction.