What are Some Ways to Demolish a Building?

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When deciding how to demolish a building, demolition experts and developers may look at several factors first. Demolition services in Los Angeles, CA may consider the area the property is located, the building materials, reason for the demolition, and method of disposal for debris. Demolition is often viewed by the public as one big blast, in which a building collapses within a matter of seconds. However, there are other ways to demolish a property, which can entail a slower and more detailed dismantling. 

Q: What type of demolishing includes the sudden blasts?

A: Implosion is perhaps the most dramatic method of demolishment. The use of explosives knocks out the building infrastructure and support, resulting in the building falling from the inside out. Where these explosives are located is strategic, as the detonation sequence is essential to a safe and effective demolition. In many cases, implosion is used to destroy large buildings in urban areas. 

Before the implosion can happen, crews must analyze blueprints to target the main components of the building. Then, they decide which explosives to utilize and how to position them in a way that collapse occurs upon detonation. 

Q: Are wrecking balls still used during demolition nowadays? 

A: Demolition with the use of a crane or wrecking ball, is one of the oldest methods used to destroy concrete and brick buildings. A wrecking ball can weigh upwards up 13,000 pounds, and is attached then suspended from a crane through a cable. The wrecking ball may be swung into the building or dropped on top of it repeatedly, to break down the structural walls. 

Wrecking ball demolition must be completed only by those who are skilled and trained in crane operation. The controller of the wrecking ball must be smooth when swinging the ball, so the crane is not overloaded or tip over. Wrecking ball demolition is a method that can create a substantial amount of dust and noise.

Q: Do the materials from a demolition ever get recycled?

A: Through selective demolition, material can be used or recycled. Demolition of metal, concrete, wood or brick can be reused for new buildings, as a mixture of old and new material. The goal of selective demolition is to reuse whenever possible, and recycle in a safe and cost-effective way. While this method may be more labor intensive, money can be gained back through using old material or selling it when recycled. Builders who are on a time constraint, may find that this process is too time-consuming. But for those who want to save a little money and have extra time, can benefit from selective demolition practices. 

Q: What materials can be broken down using high reach arm demolition?

A: High reach arm demolition is when an excavator with a long extension is used to break down the building from the top downward. This method is used to demolish buildings made of steel, brick, reinforced concrete and mixed material. High reach demolition is typically viewed as the safer approach, rather than using a wrecking ball to take down taller structures. 

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