What are my civil rights?

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As a citizen, resident, or person living in this country you are entitled to certain rights. They are written in our Constitution and cannot be taken away from you. Unfortunately, sometimes people step on your rights and treat you in a way that is not only wrong, but illegal. As a member of society, no matter your demographic (age, race, level of income, etc.) you are entitled to be treated fairly and the same as everyone else. When this doesn’t happen, you may need to discuss your situation with a civil rights lawyer in Washington, DC, like from Eric Siegel Law, who can explain your case and how to move forward in the legal process of your claim.

The Rights of Citizens

Regardless of your age, race, nationality, color, gender, religion, or disability, you have the right to:

  • Equal Citizenship – this means that there are no sub-citizens with a lesser amount of rights, or super-citizens with an extra amount of rights. Everyone has the same, equal rights no matter their circumstances. This is important because it puts everyone on the same level as far as the degree of citizenship and legal rights.
  • Equal Protection Under the Law – this is designed to ensure that everyone is treated the same in legal processes and protect anyone from having an unfair trial or legal case. Everyone should be treated the same by judges, have the right to an attorney, and be able to bring a suit against someone with legal cause. 
  • Due Process – refers to your rights even when charged with a crime. The right to due process means that legal officials, police, judges, or the court cannot skip, speed up, or fabricate any parts of the law or typical process for charging a potential criminal. This is important because it allows for everyone to have a fair trial, to be given notice, and be provided with the opportunity to be heard.

Talk with a Civil Rights Lawyer

In an ideal world, these civil rights would always be upheld, and no one would be treated differently because of who they are. Unfortunately, that is too often not the case and people experience discrimination and just simply mistreated based on their civil rights. If this has happened to you, it is recommended that you speak with a civil rights lawyer about your situation and potential legal options to correct the wrong that has been done. Contact a law firm today to speak with a lawyer in an initial consultation.