Tips for Parents Who Are Nervous to Attend Their Child Custody Hearing

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Having to appear in front of a judge in court with your ex standing on the other side of the room can be particularly frightening for some parents. The tension of having to battle for custody of your child can be stressful enough, and now you must prepare for an official hearing where you will have to show why you are the best parent to have custody. A child custody lawyer, like a child custody lawyer in Frisco, TX, will be able to help parents like you continue having a strong relationship with their child.

Bring Statements of Witnesses

To really show you are a top-notch parent, you can ask for statements from people in your child’s life whose opinion matters the most. For instance, it can influence the verdict if you have a testimony from your child’s teachers, coworkers, babysitters, relatives, and anyone else who sees the way you interact with your child. Depending on who your witness is and what they have to say, your attorney may even recommend asking them to present their statement in court themselves to get the full effect. 

Give Yourself Time to Prepare

The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to prepare for your child custody hearing. Give yourself more than enough time to get documents ready, make copies of paperwork, and submit your request to the court. Your attorney can let you know which documents are most important to bring with you to the court hearing, and which you can leave at home. 

Look the Part During Your Hearing

Do not show up to the hearing in casual clothes. You want to wear the same type of clothing that you would for an important job interview. Do not underestimate the impact of showing up looking formal and tidy. If you appear unkempt or messy, you may not send the message you want to the judge. He or she may deem you as an irresponsible adult if you cannot present yourself well for a child custody hearing.

Talk Through Possible Questions

Your attorney may suggest running through a few questions that the judge might ask you so you have an idea of what kinds of answers you will need to provide. The judge may ask about your employment status, where the child will go during the day while you are at work, if the child will have a room to themselves, and what else you can offer as a parent if chosen for custody. It can help to write down what your goals are, what being a great parent means to you, and how you plan on being this for your child. 

A good attorney can help you strategize and prepare to increase your chances of getting the verdict you are hoping for. Don’t hesitate to call us today to speak with one today. 

Thanks to Scroggins Law Group for their insight into what parents should know if they are going to a child custody hearing.