Personal Injury in Sports

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Everyone loves sports. Whether it is watching from your tv, being at the actual game, or even playing the sport.  It is a great way to get people together. However, that does not mean someone can not get hurt while participating in a sport. Infact, with sports being so physical, it is pretty common for someone to get hurt. On average, 8.6 million people get injured from playing a sport or another recreational activity. Roughly one third of those people end up hospitalized because of the injury. Not all injuries are going to be as severe. But, a broken bone or a concussion could lead to some hefty hospital bills. If any injury happens because of something you did, obviously you are not going to have any case regarding a personal injury.  However, if your injury was caused by faulty equipment, or someone else being negligent, you will have a solid personal injury case to go after.

Just about any part of someone’s body can become injured while playing a sport. The most common is a knee injury. Injuring a knee can involve muscle and tendon sprain and tears, joint damage, and kneecap damage. Knee injuries are mostly found in basketball. The constant strain on them from running and making sharp turns can cause problems for anyone in all age groups. Shoulder injuries are also just as common. These tend to involve strains, sprains, dislocations, and rotator cuff injuries. These are commonly found in baseball. The soft tissue muscles and tendons can become strained and injured from all the throwing that happens.

Most sport injuries are completely on accident and no one is at fault. When participating in a sport, there is the “assumption of risk”. Meaning, that someone participating in the sport should assume that there is always the risk of hurting themselves. Upon playing the sport, you accept the risk and the injury that could possibly happen along with it. There are however some instances that can warrant a personal injury suit. Both amature and professional players can become injured and accidents can happen. Accidental injuries usually only occur within the normal realms of the sport. There are situations where gym owners, personal trainers, coaches, and other players can be held financially responsible for sports-related injuries. This can happen when the circumstances surrounding the injury were out of the bounds of ordinary risk assumed by the victim. For example, failing to fill in a hole in the ground on the field would fall under this category. If the field is supposed to be up to regulation and it is not, a player can step in the hole and break a bone. Another example is faulty sports equipment. These types of injuries can occur when something like a helmet does not mean the proper standards. For example, if someone was playing football and they hit another player but the helmet was not made properly and cracks, leaving that person wearing it with a severe head injury. A third example is if in the heat of the moment, a player from the opposing team attacks someone and injures them. The injured player can file a personal injury case against the player that attacked them.

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