Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

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Hearing about an 18-wheeler accident ahead may throw off your entire day. Accidents involving these big rigs often close down roadways for hours at a time, especially when there is often a fatality.

Truck accidents are the most catastrophic, mostly due to the size and weight of the semi. When one of these comes into contact with a smaller passenger vehicle, there are often extreme and fatal injuries. When one of these crashes occurs, finding the cause is crucial. What type of negligence is common in semi-truck collisions? Here are some of the common causes of big truck crashes.

Driver Exhaustion

The top cause of truck accidents is not a surprise. Truck drivers do not operate on a typical eight-hour workday schedule. Instead, they make their own schedule based on the needs of the company and the time restrictions associated with the delivery. Drivers may decide to traverse highways during off-hours, or they may have to drive a little longer to meet a deadline. Either way, driver fatigue is the most frequent cause of truck accidents. Even with laws that dictate how long a trucker can drive before taking a mandatory break, the nighttime driving and lack of activity can lull drivers to sleep behind the wheel.

Mechanical Failure

Semi-trucks are complicated machines that require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they stay in top shape. Without these routine checks, mechanical elements can fail. The most common culprits are brakes, steering, and axles. When a driver experiences a mechanical failure, it often leads to a crash.


Distracted driving has become the most prominent cause of vehicular accidents in the last few years. The rise of smartphones has led to more people taking their eyes away from the road in favor of checking email, texts, and even social media. Many states have laws that outlaw the use of cellphones behind the wheel, but accidents caused by distractions remain steady. Distracted driving has passed drunk driving as the leading factor in passenger car accidents. Truck drivers are not immune to the temptation of cellphone use while driving.

Driver error seems to be the most common cause of negligence in a tractor-trailer accident. Whether it is due to distraction, exhaustion, or a failure to diagnose issues with the rig, drivers may have the power to prevent a majority of accidents. When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a big-rig crash, a trucking accident lawyer, like a trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, may prove a staunch ally.

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